Hello World!

I have just created this personal website and blog. What has prompted me to do this? These days we have been seeing censorship and banning of accounts by major social platforms and tech companies.

I have always believed that it is important to have a web presence under one’s full control, even if it is just a homepage with a short bio and links to social media.

Today, Twitter has suspended the @Anarchyball account. I follow this account and like what they publis(ed). Fortunately, they are still on Facebook, as I enjoy seeing their humorous and interesting content. I don’t see any reason why Twitter would ban them, but they are free to do so, even though I find it unjust. In banning everything that drifts away from cat videos and mainstream opinion, these platforms will be driving away the interesting content in the long term.

I believe now it is more important than ever before to have more control over one’s web presence. This is why I am spending time and effort creating this blog rather than relying on Facebook, Twitter et al.