“Science” and the post-truth meme

I am feeling that the issue runs deeper. Science has been hijacked by the state, so I find the post-truth thing as a meme that rejects the corruption of science. Unfortunately, those hippies are throwing the baby with the bathwater in the process. But I see legitimate issues that need to be acknowledged if we want to reach out to those post-truth hippies.

For example, in my opinion:

The issue is not with 5G, but with this:

  1. Not wanting to be “bathed” 24/7 in waves of higher frequency (3 to 30 GHz). I understand the fear and skepticism on this.
  2. The push towards so-called “smart cities”, which are more like surveillance-cities. Granted, those technologies will bring benefits, but I see an issue with a top-down planned system controlled by the state and its contractors rather than a more organic system, with participation from many actors and little central planning. Of course, politicians and “experts” are always trying to link together smart-cities with 5G as if they must go together.
  3. The state is appropriating the radio spectrum and renting most of it to its cronies from the telecom companies, while it only leaves tiny scraps for open use by the population.

The issue is not with vaccines, but with this:

  1. pushing forced vaccination under the guise of “science”.
  2. an ever-growing list of both mandatory and “recommended” vaccines, some of them for diseases that are just an inconvenience and definitely not life-threatening.

I feel it must be acknowledged that the state has hijacked science, in the same way that the church has always hijacked spirituality. So, just telling those hippies that they have to trust science because facts and because the “experts” say so, won’t cut it anymore. A different approach is needed.

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